TOP Ten Mandate Arguments

Mandates are far more dangerous than Measles ever could be!

Who owns your body?

Half our Kids are Sick!

Who REACTS is HUGE Unknown

We have Never Tested Vax No Vax!

Courts say Vax R “Unavoidably Unsafe”

We’ve PAID $3 Billion to those HURT

Insurance show unVax Healthier

Parents Top Concern is Vax Safety

Doctors have ALL EXEMPT

More MMR than Measles Deaths

Advocacy (500 first hand videos of vaccine damage accounts) (NVICadvocay portal with 50+ bills) (Call to Action) (NVIC Guide) (White House petition)

Flu (flu shot injury) (Mercola video - pregnant) (pregnant) (Health Impact News) (4,250% increase in fetal deaths)

Congressional Hearings (2012) (2015)

State Mandates # (number of bill with no hyphens) eg #SB277 4 CA (SB 277) (UC system) (WH refuses to endorse mandates) (testimony on SB 442) (CA) (CA) (House resolution) (House resolution) (Town Hall flier)

Mandates #‎NoMANDATES (Natural News) (AMA site) (heatlhcare workers) (look up CA vax rates) (Offit) (NY flu) (totalitarian nightmare) (TaTips 46) (CA) (Nurses against mandatory flu)

Unhealthy Children #‎HalfAreSick

VAERS/NVICP #‎CantSue (AofA article) (flu vax most dangerous) (link to VAERS) (Mercola/Blaylock) (NVIC MedAlerts blog)

Stories of Vaccine Injury #‎HearThisWell (Jennifer's story) (VaxTruth Meet the Children)

Corruption #‎BigPharma (meningococcal meningitis) (Search the database) (Earnings Statement 2014 Q3) (Dr Sears) (Newsweek cover) (campaign contributions) (wikipedia - revenue) (Simpsonwood transcript) (The C.A.S.E. for Vaccines) (RICO act)

Censorship #‎Astroturf #‎MediaManipulation (meida parrots) (astroturf)

Dr Thompson #‎CDCwhistleblower (Autism Media Channel video) (AofA on complaint) (AofA - letter to dr)

MoreWhistling #‎Fraud (IOM says don't look for suceptible groups) (vax trial misconduct) (vax trial misconduct)

MercuryMadness #‎Alumitism (aluminum, acetaminophen, autism)

Autism/Vaccine #‎Autism (Healy on ABC) (Jane Know It All) (86 studies) ("convincing evidence") (Jenny - GR) (Rimland same) (Ring of Fire) (PubMed) (Anne Dachel book) (Jenny in TIME) (Ben Swann) (The Health Ranger) (Dr Bernard Rimland at autism conference)

Vaccine Skepticism (HealthImpactNews) (LivingWhole blog) (nurses leaving profession) (HealthyHomeEconomist blog) (Dr Oz) (TMR blog) (Jon Rappaport) (TMR blog) (two centuries of statistics) (InfoWars Nightly News) (low vax rate in Silicon Valley)

Dangers of Vaccines - Vaccine/Disease Link (100 Studies on Vaccine Dangers) (peanut allergy) (Dr Suzanne Humphries) (Dr Joe) (EV-D68) (EV-D68) (NVIC Int Memorial for Vaccine Victims) (HPV) (Forgotten History of Vaccinations) (Mercola)

CDC Links (Discontinued vaccines)

Vaccine Ingredients #‎PackageInsertsPlease (NVIC 49 doses poster) (links to package inserts) (links to package inserts)

How Vaccines are Made

Herd Immunity #‎HerdHoax

Less Medicine - Natural Immunity (Dr Mayer Eisenstein 1) (Dr Mayer Eisenstein 2) (Dr Mayer Eisenstein 1) (Dr Toni Bark on AofA)

VaccineFailure #‎ItsCalledShedding (NVIC) (Evolving Bacteria Outsmarts Vaccine) (visiting guidelines) (Measles transmitted by vaxed)

Myths Debunked

Catholic/Aborted Fetal Cells

Definition of Rare (800 categories)

GlobalVaccineProgram- Gates Foundaton (Gardasil) (Gates - India) (Serum Institute of India) (Tetanus - steriliization) (Syria - MMR) (Tetanus - sterilization - Kenya) (sterilization - Africa0


nterviews/Rebuttals (Full Posey on Boyle) (Rebuttal to Burton on AC) (Dr Healy on ABC) (Patti on CNN) (CDC admits vaccines cause autism) (Estepp on CNN) (Rebuttal to Patti on CNN) (unedited version) (Blaxill on RT) (Megyn Kelly) (LJG on NBC w/Ronan Farrow) (LJG on NBC w/Ronan Farrow) (Burton on AC) (Marcella and Candyce on w/Teri Arranga) (Marcella on InforWars) (vaccine court pays out for autism) (Bill Maher) (Reiss, Holland, Offit) (Zoey on Nightly Show)

Radio Shows (RSB show about CDC complaint) (Marcella, Candyce & Tim) (Marcella on Holy Hormones) (Brian Hooker) (@tannersdad on RSB)

Demonizing Anti-Vax/Rebuttals (Response to Nancy Grace) (Response to State Farm) (Response to Art Caplan) (Response to "When You Can't Catch Chicken Pox" comment)

Pro-Vax Propaganda (C Egan Youtube tutorial) (Health Impact News - paid pharma shills/trolls) (attack on Rob Schneider) (David Gorski) #‎BotBash

Measles Truths/Hysteria (measles spread by vaxed)


Chicken Pox


HPV Vaccine


SIDS/Infanrix Hexa (Infanrix Hexa)

Kelly's Links Ratajczak Leonard Cole Eileen Welsome is this proposed or law? Eisenstein Lewis Seneff Deisher CME Autism One Panel Levatin Debold Exley Chopra Seneff Blaylock Deckoff-Jones Elice Gordon (funded by Gates proving our point, malnutrition sucks; loads of Offit antigen cross reacts with our own proteins a very important protein symptoms/treatments good reminder of US science troubled past: eugenics end of America

research in developing countries because low vaccine efficacy when guts are messed up!)


Educational/Lectures #‎AutismISMedical (Part 3) (Part 2) (Part 1) (Dr Suzanne Humphries) (Dr Suzanne Humphries) (Dr Suzanne Humphries)

Twitter Campaign #‎BREAKaBillion (Symplur statistics) (KHC-News about #BREAKaBillion) (VaxTruthy article about #BREAKaBillion) 2-25+++ (Time report about #CDCwhistleblower)

Misc (FDA not testing food) (US census data) (Animoto 12 Days) (map of human pathogens) (Matt Damon on water)